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My favorite and specialty are programming and I try to be up to date on my proficiency. I have some rules in my life and job for myself who try to perform them.

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What can I do?

As I said at the top, my specialty is programming. Now, if I want to divide the portions, I can say I’m activated in three parts: Website programming, Mobile programming (Android) and Security.


Website Developer

Website Developer

It's more than 12 years that I'm a Web Developer. I gained a lot of experiences. Usually I'm fast at making a website and also usually the website that I developed has no bug in it. In case of website security, I try to check out all items detail by detail to not allow anyone to be able to hack or misuse the website that I developed.
Mobile Developer

Mobile Developer

I also work on mobile programming. Whenever I develop a project, I prepare some classes to use them in next projects. In this way, projects developing speed and their qualities raises.
Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security Specialist

Security is a thing which I like so much. It's very interesting. Usually, most of the websites have a security bug. From little bugs up to bugs that are very important that can do many jobs with it. Many important websites have bugs, as well. Even those which have secret information. One of my jobs is Cyber Security in which I find websites and applications bugs and will notify their owners. I Never abuse. I just check to see if there's bug or no and will inform.

Why TRUST me?

Usually, customers trust in me with the first call they make. I don’t know why :D. Some of them gave their website password at the beginning of the job and even some gave their bank account password to me when it was needed to pay. Well after I built a project for them, their trust will become completed to me and they’ll give their future projects to me, as well. Maybe this is because of the reason that I mention below:

High quality

I try the project I build to be the best model and quality. Even if the project is very small, I never try to assemble it somehow and deliver it to the customer. I make it in such a way to be very fast and without bug for the comfort of customers when they want to change or may be want to add or remove something.

Unlimited modifications

When the customer treatment is well, I won’t have any problem with and I’ll do any changes or modification she/he wanted.
Always, in my primary analyzation I try to consider the project as a long time one for not to be limited in adding something more to the project when a customer ordered.
Amin Bahrami

Support and replication

Mostly the project that I develop doesn’t need support because it doesn’t have any bug. But if the customer she/he wants herself/himself I’ll accept support responsibility, as well. I’m mostly available and if the customer has an essential job, I try my best to do the job.

On time delivery

I usually try to be on time in delivering projects. Without bug and problem. If there was a delay in it, I accept the responsibility

Last Portfolios

I put some of my jobs on my website. Of course, sometimes customers want something that's not too principled. Both in terms of features and in terms of graphics. They put the whole project together. I don't like to introduce them to my site :) because the quality of my work is going under question.

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Useful Topics

Usually, I post about topics that are interesting for me or my expertise or even educational ones. Maybe it comes useful to someone.
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You can count on me

Expertise and knowledge I have

As I said before, I try to grow up my knowledge and expertise every day and try to be up to date. Cases that I mentioned above are some of my jobs which I do them. I may didn’t mention to some other cases I know. This is because I can’t say I have this knowledge until I'm myself not becoming sure that I can use that knowledge or expertise for customers and can deliver with good quality.