Say whatever you wish

Surely, it's happened to you that you want to criticize someone and you can't say it face to face for every reason. Friends and relatives or even customers who know me may want to criticize me. I put this section for everyone who wanted to criticize me. Even you, my dear friend who whatever I did you didn't say my faulty. I'm still awaited to know them.


It's not compulsory to post criticism that I know who you are. To make sure that I do not try to know who you are, when submitting your criticism, be sure to use the filter breaker to use the IP Internet that you use, so that I do not know which city you are.
Some may criticize me and I need to answer them. But he may don't want who I know who sent me the message. Well, when you send criticism, it's just enough to check the option "I want to know the answer". This will show you a tracking code after sending it to you that you can then check to see what I've given you. Just remember to write down the tracking code or save it for yourself. Customers and people who have done projects for them, if they have a complaint or an unpleasant affair with me, I'll tell you to follow up and if it's a problem, I'll be quick to fix it.

Tracking Code
Criticism Me
Tracking Criticism
If you wanna know my reply after sending your criticism, you can enter the tracking code which I gave you to see the reply (If there was a reply).