If you have or want to say something, well here you can, feel free...

If you’ve read the knowledge and expertise I have and want to develop a project or if I can help you somehow, you can send it for me from the bellowing form. If this way is hard for you, well I've put other ways of contacting me at the lower part. You can use whichever you like.

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Ways of contacting me


If you called me and you didn't get a response, send me a text message; I'm going to response you on a proper time


I always check my telegram. You can send a message. I may reply late but I will.


No problem with sending me Email. I'll read and answer.

My Main Email

You may see google had restricted us suddenly. :-) You can also send message via this email, as well.


The Linkedin is not bad, as well. If anyone wanted, she/he can.


I don't like Twitter, yet. I may like it later. But I don't promise. :-)