Wednesday 10 July 2019 - 09:14

Digital currencies are improving every day and many Internet services that are being launched, use these digital currencies

My job is programming. A day, someone called me and requested to develop a website for him. The website was about CryptoCurrencies. According to the website’s facilities and the quality of my programming, I developed the project with 5 bitcoins. The website’s owner, Parham Moradzadeh Sarabi, deposited the prepayment. I trusted him and developed the site. A site with the best quality and high security. According to the trust I had in him, I’ve put the wealth of my family, my friends and my own in it.

Totally, we had some bitcoins on his website. But one day, after I woke up in the morning and went to check the site, I found out that he closed the site. He blocked my access to the website, as well and has stolen all the money.

Not only he has stolen the wealth of my family, friends and my own but also he has stolen the money of 9890 users of this site.

I'm not worried at all. Because I'll arrest him as soon as possible and will give all of my money and will inform all users that they can also give their money from him.

So, you can join my telegram Channel with this id @LuminatiyDeveloper to inform you the news, quickly.

Another issue is in a very limited number, I want to sell the Luminatiy site’s source which I developed. Those friends who need it can contact me via the Contact Me page (via Email, Call, Contact Me form and ….).

Pay attention, I’m going to sell this source just in limited number. So, anyone needed must act very quickly. you can see website description from this link: (See Luminatiy Website)

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من واقعا می خواهم پول من تماس.کمک به انجام این کار.ممنون
александр Зайцев
Tuesday 24 September 2019 - 08:52
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