I created this site at a customer's request. But in a very professional sense. A site that can have unlimited cryptocurrencies on its own. Any user can have any wallet in any currencies.

The admin of this site can define as many packages as he/she wants. Users can also invest in whatever amount they like or invest in their own defined packages. Investigation’s profit in this system is calculated in seconds. That is, if you invest your capital right now, by tomorrow, just this hour, this minute, this second, your profit will be calculated, and every time you want to withdraw, that exact second will be counted. Even smarter than banking systems :-)

The system also had the option of defining a VIP user. The possibility of conversion, the possibility of introducing friends and receiving marketing opportunities to an unlimited level. (Defined by Admin).
Depositing and withdrawing on this system is completely automatic and instant. The core is programmed so that each of the currencies can use the different ports defined. There is no limit. There are 3 types of games in the system that users can play and earn money. Very strong ticketing system and support.

All in all is a very detailed site with a great design and feel :-) I myself like it. :-D

Here are some features that this system has:

  • Unlimited definition of cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, Doge, ETH and ...) or real currency (dollar, euro, etc.)
  • Ability to define a VIP user by paying a specific number and price (Any types of packages are definable by management)
  • Ability to manage wallets, charge wallets and view all transactions accurately
  • Exchange service (definable fee for regular users and VIP users ...)
  • Possibility of investing with desired amount or selection of packages defined by management
  • Dynamic and automated investment profit calculation
  • Automatically deposits investment profit in seconds
  • Automatic withdrawal
  • Ability to define different automatic withdrawal gateways for each currency and in an unlimited way
  • Telegram robot to introduce, subscribe and receive free cryptocurrency
  • Ability to market and apply profit from user transactions
  • Unlimited level marketing
  • Online lottery
  • Lucky Time
  • Duck Dice game
  • View all transactions fully accurate and filterable
  • Ability to send support tickets, view and manage
  • Enable two-step authentication
  • Ability to view server status accurately and in seconds
  • And many other facilities

I want to sell the source of this site. Anyone who needed it could contact me. Of course, I want to sell it to a limited number so that no one gets abused.

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End Date:
The technologies and things I used in this project


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