About myself

I'm Amin Bahrami

A developer

I was born on January 16th, 1990. I'm married. My field of study, and more important than it is my interest in programming, and I always go ahead and try to keep myself updated on my specialties and new knowledge.

As I said, my biggest interest is programming. I try to learn new things every day. When I was in college, I never thought about high scores. We can't make progress at university. it teaches things that are not being efficient and useful. University scores ... and it doesn't matter to me at all. Because if we want to spend our time studying lessons for grades and ... we have stopped our progress.

Indeed, let me explain why am I writing my site’s texts colloquial and not formal. It’s because I hate to behave formally and ... I don’t like much. I have the same behavior to all. So, I like to do the job I want on my site. Not only on my website, but I believe one. should do whatever she/he likes. We are in the world just once. So, we have to live as we like. Of course, not to do all we want, jobs which are related to ourselves and don't hurt others

Amin Bahrami

What am I interested in?

well… I’m interested in many things. Programming and learning are my main interests. In terms of sport, I can say I like mountaineering and also shooting.

About shooting, it’s not important what’s the weapon. :-) But, well... I started shooting with an air gun. Of course, just for fun. I'm not going to hunt sparrows with him. It’s just entertainment. :-) 

I like to go to interesting places. 

Some of my behavior

One ethic I have is that I always say, if somebody has spoken behind me and told well about me, don't believe it. In the opposite, if they told bad of me, again don’t believe it. Be sure to ask myself for becoming sure. Because I don’t want you to trust me with somebody’s else trust or lose your trust in me. I may not be as well as or as bad as she/he’s saying. 

In my opinion, all people are good. Unless the opposite is proven. If someone did good to me, I’ll make a wall from that goodness. For each goodness she/he does for me, I’ll add a brick to her/his wall. If she/he did badness with me, I'll just reduce one brick from her/his wall. I don't have such ethics to break the whole wall just for one badness. I always remember the good things she/he did to me and never forget.

And the important point is that if anyone wants to research someone and ask me questions, I'll tell them all the truth. Now whether it is a marriage research, a job
and ... . Because it's my responsibility if I lie, and I don't want to lie to anyone who trusted me and questioned me. Even if he wants to ask me my closest friend :-)

As I do this, I expect you to be honest about me if someone asked about me from you. I never want you to tell a lie in my favor and say he’s good and… . No matter if you want to say my badness. But if I’m not good, don’t tell lie to anyone that I’m good.

What do I hate?

The worst thing I can hate about is hypocrisy. : | When I see people who are a hypocrite in their behavior, I really feel disgusted with them. They want to collect many goals. But I don't like this way at all. If I wanted to be a hypocrite myself, I'd have a lot of things now. But I can't understand hypocrisy at all. Another of the behaviors that I hate is a bad promise. I’m not saying I’m not bad promise myself.

 The rule I set for myself is that if someone gets tricked three times and gets it for the 4th time, I will completely cut off my relationship with him. There will be no new chance. Because it has lost its value in me. Of course, I did bad promise in a subject. Of course, I was in force. But let's go through what happened.

Usually, no one is hostile to me. But I have a morality that if anyone wants to hurt me, I’ll hurt her/him badly. whether people around me or customers I had and have. Of course, I’m not harsh at all. :-) But well… if someone bothers me well I’ll bother, as well. Maybe her/his bothering being finished at that time but my bothering is going to be long and if she/he’s hurt me, I’ll hurt several times. And also, I definitely will get my right. :-) I told you to get acquainted with my ethics.