Some of the rules I have for doing projects:

  • The customer must be loyal to his word. If his disloyalty became much (up to 3 times), I never work with him anymore. No matter how much he insists. :-)
  • Usually, I do any project that I can technically do. But I won't do projects that are going to overwhelm and steal people's rights. For example, someone wanted me to make a fake bank account that would empty the people's bank account. But as much as he insisted, I didn't do it. Or once a person wanted to write an online game in which be able to cheat from its management. He would give me great money if I did it for him. But I said I won't do it because you wanted to steal. I never do anything that robs people's rights.
  • Some people usually call and say how much do I get if they want a complete site? :-D Then I say what do you want from your site to do? She/he says: I want it to have all the possibilities. I say, you mean it has Google, Facebook, eBay, Instagram and ... She/he says no. But complete :-D One time a person called and was saying, what's the minimum and maximum price of doing an Android project? Well, this is can't be answered, as well.   I can't determine the time or price unless I look at the features. I might do a project for free. Or do a project for 100.000$. It all depends on the features and ... that needs to be determined.  So please, before requesting a project, at first, know what you want and what features you want it to have. :-)