You've probably heard the name of the Office software suite. Like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. A developer must have worked with a lot of software and be familiar with it. Although small. You might say that office software is very easy and everyone knows how to work with it :-) But it's not. There are some office features that you haven't even heard of and don't know what it is. So am I. I'm not saying that I fully know.

In some projects, we may need to use the Office suite to develop the project or make our work easier or fix our needs. For example, our output could be an Excel file or a Word file, and so on. Occasionally, some information may need to be extracted from the Excel file and automatically stored in the database or vice versa. Sometimes it may be necessary to provide statistical and graphical information as an output to Excel or even Word.
Or we might even need to do more specialized work on files and file structure.
So we need to be familiar with the Office suite and even need to know the structure of Office files.