I usually like to share what I know with others. But I'm very strict about training. Because it's a learning goal and time-wasting is meaningless. I’m not like out-of-school ones who want to give evidence and the class quality’s not much important. Until now, the classes I had were completely satisfied students. Of course, this is what they told themselves. If they lied, well it’s their own fault:-) My teaching method differs from outside classes. Quite friendly, with a joke. In this way, learning will also increase. This is my rule in teaching :-) Everywhere I want to set a class I tell them the first day that this is how I teach and if they have a problem they can leave the class.

Well, let’s talk about rigor in my teaching. Being punctual very important to me. If you come 5 minutes late, I may have said something important that you haven't learned. Then that subject becomes unknown to you in the next sessions and it makes you not learn anything else, wasting both your time and my class time, as well. So, if you get delayed 3 times I'll say goodbye to you. :)

I may give you an exercise corresponding to what I taught in class which you have to do it. If you have a problem you should tell me at first and be coordinate with me. Not to say it on the class day that I didn't do it and our electricity cut out, my notebook was lost and ... :-D (I remember the elementary school)