We all know the SMS. Sometimes sites or apps need to send or receive SMS for specific cases. For example, they want to send an SMS to the buyer after they have shopping on their site. Or, for example, arrange for one’s birthday to text him and congratulate him. Or if someone has signed up in a site and we want to make sure the mobile number he entered is valid. So just send him a code and ask him to put that code into the site. This way we can be sure that the user is not annoying and intends to sign up and use the site. Sometimes, however, instead of sending a text message from the site, the user has to code the site itself to be validated. So the cost of SMS is not borne by the site.

Now that you are using your bank account, an SMS will be sent automatically to the transactions and tasks that are being done on your bank account. Well, programmers can do the same for your sites or apps, and enable your site to send and receive SMS.