A badge of love
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A badge of love

Short stories from unknown authors
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I've read some of the short stories collected in this book that I've read a lot of before. But there was also a reminder.

I suggest you read it once. Here are two of my stories to read.

The cat in the temple
in ancient times was a great teacher who taught new ideas.
There was a cat in the temple who was making noise while teaching the teacher and distracting the students.
The teacher got angry at the cat and ordered them to jail the cat whenever the class was held. A few years later Master died, but the cat was still imprisoned during other professors' meetings. After a while, the cat died. Grand Master's disciples grabbed another cat and imprisoned it in the cage while teaching the temple masters!

Centuries have passed and subsequent generations wrote treatises on the effect of imprisoning cats on student focus.


An important decision
in one of the Italian villages was a wicked boy who was very upset with his ugly words.
He gave the boy a box of nails on his father and told him: "Every time you bother someone, hit one of these nails on the wall."

The first day, the boy knocked twenty nails into the wall. The father asked him to try to reduce the number of times he hurt others. The boy tried, and the number of nails slammed into the wall became less and less.
One day his father suggested that he remove one of the nails from the wall every time he could apologize.
Days passed until one day a boy came to his father and said happily, "Dad, I got all the nails out of the wall today."

The father took his son's hand and went down the stairs together; the father looked at the wall and said, "My son! You did a good job. But look at the wall holes. The walls are no longer as clean as they used to be. When you get angry and annoy others with your words, those words also affect people. You can insert a knife into the human heart and bring it out, but a thousand times an apology cannot heal the wound.